Authorised Restraint Fitter in Goulburn


Do you have a Child Car Seat or Restraint fitted to your car? 

More importantly, is it fitted correctly and are you using it in the proper way to ensure it is up to the job of protecting it's precious cargo.  Are you confident that as your child has grown over time that the way you are using it or the seat itself is still suitable for this crucial task?

As an RMS Authorised Restraint Fitting Station, we are proud to be part of a specialist network specifically trained in:


  • Inspecting / adjusting child car seats to ensure correct installation
  • Fitting child car seats where a vehicle requires modifications
  • Installation of further Child Car Seat anchor points where required
  • Retrofitting both lap and lap-sash type seatbelts
  • Advise on the correct way to use Child Car Seats to help ensure your child is safe


As a Family Oriented business Charnock Motors genuinely care about you and your family, especially the little ones, so we have undertaken specialised training to ensure that when it comes to Child Car Seats we know all there is to know.

So whether you are looking to have a Child Car Seat or Safety Restraint fitted to your car, need yours adjusted to accommodate growth or want some simple advice on Child Restraints and car seats, pop in and see us at Charnock Motors.

Knowing your precious cargo is safe & comfortable - thats real Peace of Mind... 

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